About us

I’m Sophie Kennedy and my fur babes are Buzz & Dotty - they feature here on the website quite a bit. Together, we run The Dapper Yapper.  
While I was at Uni, I ran my own dog walking and pet minding business. We loved it because we got to meet lots of local dogs and all play together. The more I got to know my new doggie friends, the more I realised how different their personalities were (but you’re a dog person, so you will understand that). I know my two are VERY different. Buzz is small and skinny - and he is a total stress-head! He doesn’t like to be too far away from myself or Dotty. On the other hand, Dotty is the complete opposite to Buzz - she’s very relaxed, and will do anything for food (she is ALWAYS on the hunt for scraps or crumbs at our local cafe). They are the absolute best of friends.  I'm very lucky.
It’s easy for people to express our individuality because we can choose our clothes, hair colour and many other things about our appearance.  Dogs can’t do that. They have to wear whatever we put on them and usually it’s some boring looking, mass-produced collar or lead. I felt they deserved more – something different and way more interesting. I came up with the idea of creating bandanas for my dogs to wear so I could help them to express themselves easily. They were a instant hit, and not just with my dogs. Soon other dog owners were asking me to make bandanas for their dogs. Demand rapidly grew from there. The Dapper Yapper suddenly became a real business! 



At The Dapper Yapper we are continuously designing new bandanas, sniffing out new brands we want to share with you, and keeping our paws on the hottest new fashion trends. Together we’ve made bandanas for thousands of dogs. The Dapper Yapper focuses on having fun, bright and fashion forward bandanas of the very best of quality. Only a few of each design are created - keeping each design as a limited edition for all those fashion conscious dogs out there. No one wants to be at the dog park with same outfit as some other mutt!

Not only are they the bandanas the coolest fashion accessory and remarkable conversation starters but here at The Dapper Yapper HQ, we often hear reports back that our handsome clientele get an extra pat or two on their morning strolls. Even better, sometimes the "big scary looking dog" who never gets pats in public DOES get some well-deserved pats and attention with a Dapper Yapper bandana! Pretty awesome huh?!

Stay in touch. I’d love to chat with you about dogs and doggie fashion so here are a couple of ways we can stay in contact;

- You can join the conversation on our Facebook page or check out our spunky models on Instagram - make sure to tag us in all pics you post, we simply LOVE seeing how everyone wears our bandanas! 

- If you need a custom bandana made, wholesale request or want to see your brand on The Dapper Yapper please drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind - either via the box below or email sophie@thedapperyapper.com.au

- You might like to join our mailing list so Buzz and Dotty can make sure you are the first to know about new products, exclusive sales or other exciting news - you will find it on the bottom of our home page. We announce sales here first - so you'll want to sign up if you enjoy snapping up a bargain before everyone else can!

Love & Licks,

Sophie, Buzz and Dotty