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Bully Bites

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We absolutely LOVE bully bites at The Dapper Yapper - and these are the perfect snack sized version! Great for when humans have to leave the house and keep the pooch occupied with something deliciously tasty, or just as an everyday treat to keep those fangs clean and strong.
200g resealable bag.
Bully Bites are made out of Beef Pizzle that is stretched out & dehydrated then cut down to smaller pieces.
These chews are made from a dense protein & do not contain bone so there is a much lower risk of sharp fragments causing tummy problems.
They are a long lasting 100% meat treat meaning it is great for dental health.
As they are tough and quite chewy, they are a great first natural dental aid for puppies that can’t chew on Antlers or Goat Horns yet.
Grain free, single ingredient, sourced from Brazil, promotes dental health.
**Please note we can ONLY ship these within Australia due to customs**