Stixx Alien
Stixx Alien
Stixx Alien
Stixx Alien

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Stixx Alien

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We present the limited edition Alien Flex plush toy Stixx. Stixx is one of the few survivors from the barren desert planet, Sahura. Orbited by three different suns, temperatures there reached so high the planet melted. The Macky Tribe then adopted Stixx. He loves rolling around and eating cactus. In fact the only thing he thinks about is cactus.

18cm x 12.5cm

Special features:
Protected squeaker.
3 layered reinforced lining.
Double layered stiching.
Compact shape.
Limbs attached to body.
Small limbs.

* Not recommended for tough chewers or dogs with a destructive personality
* No toy is indestructible