Z49 Alien
Z49 Alien
Z49 Alien
Z49 Alien

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Z49 Alien

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We present the limited edition Alien Flex plush toy Z-49. Built in 1964 by Soviet and French scientists, Z-49 was sent to outer space as an experimental tool to communicate with possible Alien life. It was programmed to translate and learn all kinds of Alien sounds, languages and emotions through the screen on his chest. After years in outer space, Z-49 is now very emotionally confused.

18 x 12.5cm

Special features:
Protected squeaker.
3 layered reinforced lining.
Double layered stiching.
Compact shape.
Limbs attached to body.
Small limbs.

* Not recommended for tough chewers or dogs with a destructive personality
* No toy is indestructible